Key West Conchs

A minor league baseball concept for the United State’s southernmost municipality, it’s quirky residents, and their faux-nation of the Conch Republic, which “seceded where others failed”.

Dead Rat Society

Concept for a soccer-style fan group for the NHL’s Florida Panthers, utilizing a rat skull which symbolizes the 1996 “Year of the Rat”, the team’s most legendary season which was started with an infamous incident involving a rat in the locker room… and a slap shot of said rodent.

Homestead Flamingos

Retro-themed concept imagined for a team to take residence in the now-abandoned and defunct Homestead Sports Complex, calling back to the minor league Miami Beach Flamingos from the first half of the 20th century.

Jupiter Hammerheads

A concept for the Miami Marlins High A affiliate that serves two goals – to polish the club’s overall look, and to bring it more in line with it’s parent club and away from the current identity package which dates to the team’s founding as a MontrĂ©al Expos farm club.

Miami Marlins

A take on the Miami Marlins that celebrates their history, blending the teal and black colors and visual style of the two-time World Series champion Florida Marlins with the 1950s, Satchel Paige era minor league ball club of the same name.